Maynooth Madawaska Pastoral Charge map

The Maynooth Madawaska Pastrol Charge has two diligent Committees: the Worship Committee and the Ministry and Personnel Committee, both with representatives from each of the four churches.

All the churches are mortgage free and look after their own finances.

Voices United hymn books are in all the churches and Bibles are in the pews of two of the churches. We have one church office: in Maynooth, which is equipped with computer and telephone answering machine, a Fax machine and a photocopier in the Maynooth office. This year we have purchased a DVD/VCR, amplifier, two speakers, a projector and a wide screen projector screen.
We have a volunteer Bulletin Secretary and a Central Treasurer to help our minister. They also assist with the compilation of the Annual Report for the Pastoral Charge. Secretarial support is available to the minister through volunteer members as required.

All churches have volunteer donors, participants and leaders, and hold fundraisers to help support their own church as well as fundraisers for other charities. We encourage people in our congregations to open the services, read Scripture, preach sermons, play instruments and sing. We have three Licensed Lay Worship Leader, one of whom is going for discernment to become an ordained minister as well as quite a few people who will do pulpit supply.