Smith-Post Memorial United Church, Whitney, Ontario.
Service Time is 11:30 am on the Second and Fourth Sunday / Month.

At St. Anthony’s Anglican Chucrh


Address: Church Hill street (look to the right and you should see the church building)

IMGP2531Smith-Post Memorial was founded in 1890 as a Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew’s. It shared a building with the Anglican Church. We now are back in the Anglican Church from whom we rent Service time on the two Sundays

Whitney is a predominantly Catholic community, with little growth potential at present, and with few outlying farms or cottages. The church membership is quite small (i.e. 10 regular worshipping members). The membership is comprised mainly of those over 50 years of age, many of whom are now retired. Ecumenical events such as World Day of Prayer and Vacation Bible School have been entered into enthusiastically. We used to welcome the Anglican church members to our congregation every second month, and attend a service at the Anglican church on the opposite month.However, not having a minister and our charge service schedule being changed for the time being this has been discontinued. Perhaps in the future this may change

Lay leadership is significant in this church. We have four volunteers who are willing to preach in this church, with two willing to do pulpit supply in the Charge as a whole. One member has become a Licensed Lay Worship Leader. One member donates her time and considerable expertise as pianist throughout the fall/winter months.

Church members report for the Charge newsletter, “News from the Pews” and strongly support the Ecumenical Food Bank. . Others look after the Whitney Union Cemetery, which is a joint cemetery with the Anglican Church. A very successful Friday Youth Group, co-led by the UC minister, the Anglican minister and a UC teacher/volunteer began in Whitney, ran for 6 years, and then moved to Madawaska’s church. Almost all church members contributed by providing the meal each week. We share fellowship after worship with coffee and squares. Fund-raising activities occur during the year.