Musclow Greenview United Church

History of Musclow United Church

Musglow Greenview Church webIn the year of 1912, in the month of August, Mr. Nicolson of Bancroft called the settlers of Musclow together to talk over a plan to build a church in Musclow Corners of Monteagle Township. Mr Nicholson who was a carpenter, offered to build the church, with help from the people in the community. With Rev. E. Marston of Bancroft and a building committee consisting of George Rutledge, J. B. Can, Archie Wilcox, James Wade11, Ed Musclow, Robert Musclow and Sam Badgley it was decided to build a Methodist church, starting as soon as the harvest was off. The church when completed would cost  $1,000.00.

W. J. Spence offered to build the foundation, if others drew the needed stones. Mr. Dickens built the north east corner. The work started in the fall of 1912, and the foundation was completed before winter. During the winter men who had horses and sleighs each drew loads of logs to the sawmill of Robert Musclow, present day home of David and Arlene MacLeod. The ladies, not to be outdone, formed the first W. A. and got to work to raise money to help pay for the church.

Ed Hennessy gave an acre of land and posts to fence it. Mr. Waddell Sr. donated all the nails. Mr. Robert Musclow gave lumber for the pews, built them and put them in. Ed Musclow gave dressed white birch lumber for the floor and put it in. Mr. Fred Musclow built and donated the pulpit which is still in the church. Mr Zabell got the steel for the church at cost. Everyone in the settlement gave of their time and energy to build the church.

When finished, trustees were elected who were: Robert Musclow, Sam Badgley, Nelson Miles, J. B. Carr and G. W. Rutledge. Mr. J. B. Carr held the superintendant position for 22 years.

The first ministers of the church were John Garbet, who with Fanny Williams and J. B. Can organized the first Sunday School. The first Service in the new church was in the fall of 1913 with church, and the porch being full and people standing outside, all praising and thanking God that they now had a place to worship.

Attending the first Sunday school was Manson Hawley, Fred Musclow (son of Robt.) Nick Hawley, Richard Musclow (son of Robt.) Effie Musclow (Martin), Jennie Ryan, Maude Musclow, David Badgley, William Carr, James Spence, Albert Carr, Allan Musclow, Pearl Switzer Flossie Switzer, Annie Musclow (daughter of Robt.) and Amelia Barringer.