Laura H. Hambley was born in Port Perry, Ontario, in 1877. She was a member of the Woman’s Missionary Society appointed as a teacher to West China in 1904.

By all accounts a strong woman, Laura’s major contribution was in girls’ education. She overcame widespread resistance in a city in China to build a four-storey girls’ school. She gathered architectural plans from across Canada, then created the plan for her school. Starting with a handful of students, enrollment grew as more and more parents saw value in their daughters receiving an education.

During World War 2, when the school housed 200 girls, Laura and the staff were faced with the threat of being bombed by Japan. To keep them safe, Laura took her girls from the city up into the mountains to an old monastery.

Laura spent 40 years educating the girls in the city. She was also a successful advocate for ending the practice of binding girls’ feet. When she left in 1943 for the long journey home, the entire city came out to wish her well. They had high esteem for their beloved “Han Jaousa,” her Chinese name, which in English means “Hambley Teacher.”

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