Advent 3 – Worship Resource

Advent 3 – Worship Resource

Lighting the Advent CandleLighting 3 candles for the 3rd Sunday in Advent, the Sunday of Joy.
Holy One,
May your joy encircle us. 
May your joy grow within us. 
May your joy reach beyond us.

In Person worship 9:30 am in Maynooth and 11:30 am in Madawaska

Worship Leader: Linda Crick

Musicians: Doris Hollingsworth and Carol Peterson

Advent 1 – worship resource

Advent 1 – worship resource

The Candle of Hope

Lighting the Advent Candle

Each year we light candles in advent as a way of marking the weeks before Christmas.

In the northern hemisphere, as we progress through advent the nights get longer and the days get shorter.

Each week our advent candles she more light.

This pandemic year, we will have candles at the front of the church and invite you to light them in your homes as well.

This way the many flames unite us as a worshiping community, waiting for Jesus.

Today we mark the first Sunday of Advent,

And today we light the candle of hope.

Advent is the season of hope.

We hope for a Saviour who can save us,

A Healer who can heal us,

And a Counsellor who hears all our sorrows.

In darkness that deepens,

We wait for the coming of the light of the world.

We wait in hope as we light this candle of hope. (light the candle)

Prayer (with arm movements)

Holy One (reaching up)

Be the Hope that encircles us (draw a circle with your arms)

Be the Hope that grows within us (bring your arms to your chest)

Be the Hope the reaches beyond us. (reach forward)

Amen (bring your hands together).

Now click on the link below for the rest of the worship resource prepared by Jon Williams

Worship Resource for November 15, 2020

Worship Resource for November 15, 2020

Join Us Worship

We continue to consider spiritual practices for hard times and urge you to take advantage of in-person worship
or the text resource that is available in the link above.

Dorothy Wilson will be leading in-person worship in Maynooth at 9:30 and Madawaska at 11:30 and has created a print resource for you if you choose. Walk with Dorothy as we consider
Matthew 25:14-30 – the parable of the talents.

As we join together today let us acknowledge that we are blessed to be worshipping on land that has, for centuries been the home of our indigenous brothers and sisters with whom we endeavor to take care of God’s gift of Mother Earth.