Maynooth – Madawaska Pastoral Charge

The United Church of Canada  November 19, 2017
Minister: Rev. Marilyn Zehr, M.Div.
Today: Dorothy Wilson
God weaves our stories together:
Our Stories
A note to our visitors …
Thank you for choosing our charge as your place to worship this morning.

Be sure to sign our guest book while you are here, and we hope you will return soon and worship with us again.

St. Andrew’s-Bethel, Maynooth ~ 9:30 a.m.
Organist: Valerie Kelly

St. Paul & St. James, Madawaska ~ 11:30 a.m.
Pianist: Erin Morlock

Faithful God, as we journey on this road of life with you, there are times we feel that the way is too hard. And we wish we could go back to easier times. We grumble and complain and sometimes our neediness overwhelms us. Help us to trust that you will provide and give us the insight to recognize your hand in the blessings we find. Give us the faith we need to see this journey through. Amen.

Madawaska: Tuesday, November 21st at noon in the Fellowship Rm.
Maynooth: Tuesday, November 21st at noon

MINISTRY & WORSHIP MEETING: Tuesday, November 28th at 1:30 in Maynooth

PASTORAL CHARGE MEETING: Wednesday, November 29th at 1p in Madawaska