We remember and honour those who died in service of our Country.
At the same time we seek the Wisdom of God while She may be found.
For Wisdom will lead us in the pathways of peace.

We Gather as God’s People

In a world filled with violence and war,
we gather together to celebrate the promise of peace.
In a world filled with tyranny and oppression,
we gather together to celebrate the promise of justice for all.
In a world filled with hunger and greed,
we gather together to celebrate the promise of plenty for all.
Our hope is in the name of the Almighty God,
the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of heaven and earth.


PREPARATION FOR WORSHIP Lighting of the Christ Candle

We light the Christ candle.
The Christ candle reminds us that the light of Christ shines on the road to peace and illuminates our most difficult hours.
We light the candle of Remembrance.
The candle of Remembrance reminds us of the supreme sacrifice of those who have defended our freedom and our peace forever and for all.


Call to Worship

After the wreaths have been laid down at the cenotaph,
after the poppies have been taken off the lapels,
after the “Last Post” has been played and the band has marched off,
we gather in search of a new way.
We gather on this Sunday after Remembrance Day,
war-weary and longing for a sign of peace.
It starts here, it starts now, again,
with each thought in our head
each prayer in our heart,
with each choice we make, each action we take.
Let us seek to open up to Divine Love,
for then we can open up to the possibility of peace.

Sister Wisdom,
Spirit guide and close companion,
bring to light our sacred worth.
Free us to become your people,
Holy friends of God and earth.
from More Voices #10 Come and Seek the Ways of Wisdom